Second Chance in Maple Bay (Book 2 of 3 Maple Bay)


Kat left Creed and Maple Bay five years ago. Now she must return for her brother Jesse’s wedding. She has to return to Maple Bay, but she is intent on avoiding Creed as much as possible. Creed still loves Kat and wants her happiness above anything. When he sees she is sporting an engagement ring, it breaks his heart—again—but he will support anything that makes her happy. As Creed and Kat are thrown together time and again it is only a matter of time before Kat’s phony engagement is brought to light and will no longer serve as a shield for her heart. Creed has long ago been adopted into Kat’s family, and he doesn’t know if he can risk the only family he knows to pursue the only true love he’s ever had.

Kat and Creed are both complex characters with palpable chemistry. It is evident from the start that Kat and Creed’s love story isn’t over. With terrific development, Kat and Creed face situations that cause them to confront their issues with one another and to be vulnerable and honest with each other. Kat’s family is fun, warm, and friendly and will make the reader yearn for a small-town life. Creed loves to rodeo but uses that to fill the void in his heart that is waiting for Kat to fill. They both can be stubborn and frustratingly unaware of the other’s true feelings. A romance filled with laughter, tears, and love that will make one never want to leave Maple Bay.

Cara Cieslak