Second Chance Love


Elizabeth Coleman is a retro gal who finds solace in used books, a good cup of coffee, and her cat Sebastian. Steve Larson lives the life of the rich and famous with extravagant cars, money to throw away and a relationship with an artificial intelligence known as Suzi. One dreary Christmas Eve both are drawn to a tree lot for different reasons, coming together due to the greatest gift of all - eternal love. 


Delightful characters are the first thing that jump out of the pages and grab the attention. The dedication of love lost and found again after twenty years ensnares the reader, who will consume every word of this novel. Rediscovering your first love is a theme that Mr. Inmon knows well and utilizes his knowledge to develop beautiful testaments to the truth of everlasting love. Realism is key to accepting that love can be eternal, no matter the amount of time and space separating two people. Mr. Inmon is spot on with realistic characters, from the leading to the supporting cast. The plot follows a year in which drastic change is experienced for Steve and Elizabeth and is very believable, except for a deviation that may not have been needed - a mini-mystery that stands outside of an otherwise intense romance. The author has created a romance based on emotional connection and not only a need to jump into the nearest bed. The happily ever after happens, not with a fanfare of ridiculousness, but realistically and truly magically believably, with love everlasting. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto