Seasoned With Love (Prosperity Ranch Book 4)

Heather B.

Cara Prosper, a successful cook, is solicited to cook for a holiday event at a ranch in Wyoming for a famous movie producer and his crew. She plans for the event to be flawless. When she arrives, she is unprepared for the feelings of home to wash over her, and for her instant connection to the famous Roman De Marco. Roman is a talented producer used to women falling all over him. He is not used to letting his guard down, or letting them into his and his daughter’s life. Roman finds himself continually drawn to Cara, but his instincts about women have led him astray before. As Roman tries to protect his heart, and that of his young daughter, he begins to think the only protection may be to embrace the happiness being with Cara offers.

Cara and Roman have an instant spark that smolders and burns, increasing each time they meet. With a great cast of supporting characters, there are terrific uplifting friends as well as the classic stab-you-in-the-back actress. Even amongst the chaos of a movie and a holiday, Roman and Cara find themselves drawn to each other. As they fall in love, they also grow and learn about each other - and themselves. As the holiday is ending it seems the sweet love story will also close and be just a chapter in Cara’s book of life. But as she fulfills her commitment to be a pen pal to the famous producer and the chemistry continues through written romance, this sweet tale evolves. The perfect balance of love and heartache filled with emotion and angst to make any romance fan happy.

Cara Cieslak