A Season to Love (Seasons of Northridge Book 2)


Tyler Kindcaide has returned to his hometown where he tries to get back his friendship with Kristen McKay. However, she wants nothing to do with him. It is frustrating, as Tyler cannot remember what happened to cause her to hate him the way she does. Kristen is confused and hurt. She has feelings for Tyler but she can't forget what happened all those years before. When they are forced to work together on a project, they cannot deny the rising heat between them. Kristen knows that their new connection means she will have to reveal her secret; she cannot help but feel scared. She finds herself hoping that Tyler will forgive her when she vowed not to forgive him.

"A Season of Love" is an eloquent novel with engaging characters that drive the story, pull readers in from the very beginning, and refuse to let go. Although the situation between Tyler and Kristen is a bit clichéd and the issues between the characters familiar, the varied descriptions and characterization more than make up for this. The fervent love scenes will have readers turning up the AC or fanning themselves with their e-readers. Rebecca Heflin has outdone herself with the second book in her Seasons of Northridge series. A perfect way to pass some time, readers will escape into an engaging and stirring plot with just a touch of sweetness thrown in!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick