A Season to Give: A Seasons of Northridge Christmas Novella


Prince Adrian Henri Alexandre Xavier Duvernay is a prince without a kingdom. His father divorced his wife and abdicated the throne to wed his personal secretary, a divorcee. Oh the scandal of it all! An archaic law decreed his children illegitimate, so Prince Adrian is no longer the heir apparent. He is making a life for himself in America, and his best friend Jacques has followed him. A beautiful American woman works as Adrian’s personal secretary. All is well until Adrian finds himself falling for Sophie Jordan. Fighting his feelings, he does not want a repeat of his father’s scandal. Sophie enjoys working for the prince, but she has been in love with him since the beginning. She too hides her feelings, and they enjoy a professional relationship. That is until right before Christmas, when the staff is gone and they are snowed in together in his home…

“A Season to Give” is a charmingly fun escapade. Prince Adrian and Sophie are strong characters with solid drives for perfection. Jacques is the conscience of Adrian and the voice of reason throughout the story, without being intrusive. Very reminiscent of the Meghan Markle story, this tale is clichéd. The backgrounds of the characters while interesting are repeated often, taking much time out of the storyline. Ms. Heflin is particularly skilled at bringing her village to life by describing the attendees at the open house. There are so many, but they are all quite different and memorable. Christmas spirit abounds throughout this account making the reader long for the season ahead of time. A wonderful story sure to brighten the holidays of any reader, young and old alike!

Belinda Wilson