A Season to Dance (Seasons of Northridge Book 1)


Olivia James and Zach Ryder grew up in a small town and fell in love in high school. But Olivia’s love for dance whisked her off to a Chicago stage and fame as a professional ballerina. Seventeen years have passed, and Olivia has come home to settle her mother’s estate. Not only is her heart hurting from losing her mother, but Olivia is also nursing a physical injury that may threaten her ability to return to her prima ballerina status.

Zach never wanted to hold Olivia back from following her dreams. He never got over her and now that she is back in town, the scab is ripped off the wound. When her visit is extended, there is no way they can avoid bumping into each other. It’s obvious they are still in love, but will they chance their hearts a second time?

High school sweethearts reunite in this second-chance romance, taking the reader on a fast-paced, highly emotional journey! With well-developed characters, readers' hearts will be torn between Olivia and Zach, wondering if their choices will be the right ones. The plot’s only flaw is that some of the subplots, such as the question of who is vandalizing the dance school, seem like filler and are predictable. The author did an excellent job, however, of researching the world of ballet, even including a glossary of terms in the back. The chemistry between Olivia and Zach is smokin’ hot, with some artfully described sex scenes. “A Season to Dance” is, in short, a fantastic read for any fan of well-written contemporary romance!

FS Brown