Search for the Truth


Journalist Tess Johnson is working on a story about Helix Pharmaceutical Company. She suspects they are producing a harmful drug and doing nothing about it. She makes the decision to take a job at the company and get the evidence she needs. There, she meets Jim Knight, Head of Research and Development who has sworn he’ll never get involved in a workplace romance after the last one ended badly. As they spend more time together, Tess and Jim discover that their feelings for one another won’t be ignored, no matter how hard they try. 

A good undercover case always has the makings for a good story. Add in two very electric characters who strike sparks off one another and you have a great read! Tess and Jim are both very fun characters who develop well throughout the book. There are some very hot scenes in this book which will have the reader heading straight into a cold shower. Ms. Freeman’s writing style is fluid and engaging, and ensures the reader will be up past their bedtime in their "Search for the Truth".  This was one of those books making the reader look forward to picking up their e-reader at the end of the day. Well done!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick