The SEAL’s Angel


Cory Rigatero is alone and fighting to keep her rustic cabin resort in the black after her brother, left to enlist in the Navy and later became a SEAL. After receiving a letter from the government informing her family of her brother’s MIA status followed by two years of no contact, Cory assumes her brother is dead. Sean “Mac” MacKay, Brian’s best friend and SEAL teammate, has just learned that his best friend may have turned against his country and sent a stolen formula to his sister for safe keeping. He is sent to Cory’s resort to find out if the accusations are true and to find the formula before the terrorists it was stolen from do. 


Ms. McCarty writes a fast-paced and steamy romance. Cory is a strong and independent woman who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or her business, and who is wonderfully matched with Mac, a tough-as-nails warrior. Well-written and in-depth characters drive this story as Mac and Cory work to build a trust that was broken during events in their shared past, and solve the mystery surrounding Brian and the stolen formula. Occasionally the dialogue and situations have a bit of an unrealistic feel, but the chemistry between these two is smoking and readers won’t be able to put this one down, eager to navigate the plot twists and turns in a race to the very surprising ending.


Molly S. Daniels