The Sculptor (Epitaph Book 6)


Magazine writer Maggie Grant is minding her own business, reading in a cemetery when a man calls out to her.  After realizing he had mistaken Maggie for his sister, monument sculptor Thad Benson returns to his workshop.  On his way, he stops to say a few words at a grave and leave a fingertip kiss on the stone as he walks away.  This private moment captures Maggie’s heart and imagination.  Inspired by the moment, she begins writing a blog series for the magazine about this mystery Heathcliff and the person under the stone. As Maggie learns more about Thad and his relationship with the deceased, she realizes her blog is more fiction than fact.  As she chips away at the story and Thad’s stony exterior, Maggie sees there is more to Thad than most people have ever realized.

As the sixth and final installment of the Epitaph Series, this novel stands solidly alone and starts out brilliantly.  The initial meeting in the cemetery between Maggie and Thad is compelling and immediately draws the reader in.  Maggie is cheerful and likeable, and her curiosity about her mystery cemetery man along with her workplace drama front-load this novel with interesting plot points.  Unfortunately, as the story moves on, the focus turns to the characters’ flaws, namely Maggie’s stutter and Thad’s less than handsome face. Thad has a very large chip on his shoulder and feels that everyone, but especially his family, is against him.  His negative attitude is overwhelming, and it makes the reader wonder what Maggie sees in him.  Fortunately, Maggie’s personal strength in conquering her own challenges and positive attitude redeem the story.  

Elissa Blabac