On the Scene

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Tera, Melanie, and Tracey are known as "The Party Girls" and have been friends since their teens. Now as young adults, they spend countless hours hitting the party scene, going to every major party in the city, to make sure it's known that they are VIP's.

After attending too many parties to count, Melanie decides she wants to be more than a "party girl" and decides to host her own event. Realizing that one of the best known club owners wants to overcharge her, she decides to start her own business and find a different venue. This will test her longstanding friendship with Tera and Tracey.

Although the concept of this book is interesting, the story itself is not. Each chapter is based on a different character. The story doesn't flow, making the transition from one scene to another so blunt that it can be confusing.  Sadly, there is no back story to the three main characters, nor any depth to their personalities or relationships.  It's just three young women going to party after party, trying to prove they are better than other partying women. One of the main characters even has a young daughter who is carted from day-care to babysitters to grandma’s while the mother flits from one party to the next, thinking only of what clothes she will wear and who will see her and impress.  Superficiality seems the highest mark of the day.  There is absolutely no emotional depth whatsoever, leaving the reader more disgusted than entertained.

Tonya Smalley