Savannah’s Journey (City Lights #1)

Kathleen Ann

Savannah is a news reporter who has worked hard to build her career. She would love to take on TV interviews but doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. Then Dr. Robert Sinclair walks on set and requests that she be the one to interview him! What starts as an interview grows into a romance, but Savannah has some serious misgivings. Robert has two children who mean the world to him. How will he feel about her when he learns that twelve years ago she gave away her baby girl? She’s never stopped grieving over the loss of her child and she’s uncomfortable around children. How can anything become of their relationship when she can’t forgive herself and she doesn’t want to become attached to his children?


This is a beautiful story of healing and forgiveness. The novel is written so that the reader can feel the angst that Savannah, Robert, and PJ all feel about their circumstances, and also that the freedom they feel when they have the epiphanies that give them release. Unfortunately, it is a very frustrating read due to the many typos. There are several instances where words are misused and that too, grates on the reader. 


Ms. Gallagher writes a very poignant story that touches on a very timely subject - with some proofreading, "Savannah's Journey" has the potential to be a 4 or 5 star read.


Belinda Wilson