Sasha’s Secret Santa (A Dickens Holiday Romance: Dorrit’s Diner)


Sasha Charles has returned home after living in New York City and working as a trauma nurse in an extremely active hospital emergency room. Coming home is safe and comforting and hopefully healing for Sasha. Having abandoned nursing, she’s now working in her mom’s diner as a server. When a customer is having a major health crisis, Sasha flies into autopilot mode.  She acts quickly, and all present are in awe of her medical knowledge and talents. This act also gets the attention of a handsome newcomer to town who’d benefit greatly if he could get Sasha on board at the local hospital’s ER/Trauma unit. Steve Caldwell asks and receives her hard pass. He’s shocked but respects her decision. Is there any way he can change her mind and heal her heart?

“Sasha’s Secret Santa” has the holiday spirit imbedded in a story of real life trauma and healing. The mystery of what ends her career and lures Sasha back home is well played out and revealed later in the story, so readers will need to be patient. It’s a tragedy that surely would shake up any hospital employee and cause PTSD. The delicate, life-altering scenarios, approaches to healing, anxiety with panic attacks and misunderstandings all add the perfect balance of angst. The characters are strong, supportive and give the feeling of true friends and family. Steve becomes our hero, and many may appreciate his tough exterior that eventually softens and leaves readers wanting more. A delectable holiday-themed book wrapped with emotions and finished with a big red bow on top!

Viola Robbins