Santa Fe Fortune

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Traveling from North Carolina, Gwendolyn Marsh is keen to sell her oil paintings through the Holbrook & Holstein gallery in Santa Fe. A school teacher and aspiring artist, Gwen is desperate for funds. She’s in financial straits, as is her sister whose husband has left her with a brood of children and debts. Dan Holbrook may be a part-owner of the art gallery but he leaves all the decisions on art to his sister. But with his sister away he’s in charge and now Gwen wants to renegotiate.

Gwen has a divorce behind her. Dan has a broken engagement. And at thirty-nine has put more into his business empire than relationships. So can the sweet artist from North Carolina and the ‘Best Billionaire Bachelor Catch in the West’ make it?

Santa Fe Fortune is a fairly quick read and satisfying enough, with little angst between the hero and heroine.  The conflict was short-lived and easily resolved. Dan and Gwen are lovely people who fall for each other pretty quickly. The story flows easily, though the plot is somewhat predictable. Santa Fe Fortune doesn’t really cover any new ground, but is a cute, light read with quite a few touches of humor.

Jill MacKenzie