The Sand Dollar (The Oregon Coast Series #1)


Stunned by news of impending job loss and compelled by the magic of a sand dollar, widowed Australian Jenny Sullivan retreats to her godmother's home in Oregon to consider her future, but didn’t expect to discover she was secretly adopted at birth. When this revelation sets her on a journey of self-discovery, fate partners her with recent widower Mike Halliday.  A lifelong researcher and recluse looking forward to enjoying retirement at his cabin, he volunteers to help her on her quest to solve the puzzle of her past. Moving between Australia’s Sunshine Coast and the Oregon Coast, this is a story of new beginnings for a woman whose life is suddenly turned upside down.

“The Sand Dollar” is an epic tale of mature characters rediscovering life in the Pacific Northwest.  Readers will discover the aspect of this late-in-life tale refreshing due to the original story line.  However, Jenny and Mike are both headstrong individuals and somewhat stunted by their own mindsets, which cause them to rub each other the wrong way.  While Jenny’s phrases and dialogue fit with her Aussie way of life, the American counter-point of view doesn’t always have vernacular that matches up, giving pause for credibility.  Readers will find, scattered throughout, a few missing words and sometimes words repeated that light editing should correct.  Additionally, the occasionally dragging plot may have readers stalling, while the unsolved conflict of Jenny’s ‘new’ family finds them scratching their head.  This story is nicely evened out by the author circling back around to finish the book with a resounding happily ever after.

Roberta Gordon