Sand Dollar Cove


Elli used to spend every summer at her grandparents’ beach house in Sand Dollar Cove. Now, the old pier and shops have been wrecked by a hurricane, and Elli has returned to town to help rebuild it. She sets up a “Buy-A-Board” campaign to help the town. Brody Rankin, who is looking for a location for his company’s new warehouse, decides that while he’s scouting around town, he might as well sign up as a handyman and help the campaign out. Brody has the looks and manners of a playboy, but the more time he spends with Elli, the more he wants to say goodbye to his past jumping from one girl to another, and settle down. But with one of Elli’s old loves, Holden, the man who broke her heart, back in Sand Dollar Cove too, things grow increasingly complicated. Can Elli find love? 

Brody is, in short, an amazing guy. Not only did he genuinely love Elli, but he also cared about her grandmother, cooked for her, and helped her. Elli was an interesting character too. She struggled with the past, with letting go, but she was also the kind of person who would do anything to help others. With the focus on working together to accomplish great things, the book had an inspiring message as well. The love story lacks originality, and the addition of the ex as the villain is slightly cliché, but despite that, this was an enjoyable, light-hearted romance. 

Majanka Verstraete