The Salty Dog


Libbys life was missing something. Not only was she the sole owner of the Seaside Café in Bodega Bay, but she owned a salmon boat named the Salty Dog, a house by the sea, and a dog named Harley. She passed her time by working in the café with her best friends, Avery and Blake, whom she adored with all her heart. It was during the night hours that she missed her husband, Luke, who had died while fishing for salmon, the most. Then one day, tycoon Jackson walked into her café, changing her life. Soon afterwards, another man, Marshall, drifted in to her life as well. Suddenly two men were vying for her attentions and Libby was more confused than ever.


This is a sweet story of learning to let go of the past so one can embrace the future.  Libby, Jackson, and Marshall are all well-rounded characters with dark secrets that prevent them from moving on. This keeps the story intriguing, because the reader knows that there is something being kept back that will be revealed at a later time. It is a superbly written piece! One can actually feel Libby's melancholy. It is tangible as she reminisces about Luke. The secondary characters, however, fall a bit flat. They could have been fleshed out more had the piece been longer. 


Overall, "The Salty Dog" is a great read with interesting plot twists. Ms. White makes one feel as though they are at the beach, listening to the waves and smelling that good salt air!


Belinda Wilson