Salt and Stilettos


Brett Michaels has never seen a style situation she could not best, until she meets the brick wall that is Will Te’o. She attempts to make him over to fulfill his destiny of becoming Miami’s hottest up-and-coming chef, but she has her hands full with the 6-and-a-half-foot American Samoan, who is resisting all her attempts. Will left everything behind to chase the American dream, but his clumsy and socially awkward persona is threatening to undo all his hard work. He initially finds Brett to be cold and calculating, but soon discovers the secret trauma that she keeps hidden from everyone. Can they learn to discard their protective shells and trust one another? They have a mere ninety days to find out!

Janet Walden-West’s delicious romance will have readers feeling steamy! Taking place in sunny Miami, readers will love her detailed descriptions of all the wonderful places and food that our characters encounter in the story. It becomes a bit of a challenge to see if one can make it through a series of chapters without getting hungry! The author uses some unique characterization throughout the story. On one hand, Will is completely relatable as his socially awkward persona and clumsy manner is very endearing. On the other, Brett is almost alien with her no-nonsense business mask. It is a test of the reader’s patience to try to relate to her on any level. Additionally, the overall theme of Brett trying to change Will can be very grating, as Will is the most likeable character in the tale. However, readers will find this lovely tale of opposites attract to be more than meets the eye!

Jen Griffin