Safe and Sound


“Safe and Sound” takes place on the US East Coast in current time. Most books strive toward a happily-ever-after by the end, but Jill experiences hers before the story even starts when she marries the charismatic Jay. The two of them have an idyllic life for two years as an upwardly-mobile professional couple.


Jay’s decision to run on a dangerous road cuts his life short and shatters Jill’s in the process. Since Jay handled all the financial aspects of their home, the water is shut off due to non-bill payment. Jill moves in with Harry, Jay’s best friend, as a stop-gap measure. Harry and her two friends Lani and Stella help her piece her life back together. Harry, unfortunately, gets the wrong idea and grows possessive. A house her husband bought on Oak Island gives Jill the excuse she needs to escape Harry’s watchful eye. On the island, she meets Ross, a younger man and possible romantic interest.

“Safe and Sound” is a drama, but not a romance. The relationship between the women is endearing. Stella and Lani, the friends, appeal as well rounded characters. The romance at the end of the book doesn’t merit the name. Jill comes across as hopelessly naïve and helpless as everyone takes turns holding her hand. There is a great deal of telling as opposed to letting events flow naturally.  A little tweaking could have taken the story from ordinary to extraordinary.

Morgan Stamm