Running Wild (Hell Ryders MC #1)


MOTORCYCLE CLUB:  Allie and Jace are brought together through their tangled ties to Allie's brother. Allie is Ty’s sister by birth and Jace is his brother through Hell Ryders Motorcycle Club (MC).  Allie is running from her former fiancé, who hasn't taken the break up well. Wyatt follows her to Wadden where she has nowhere left to run. Jace involves the MC to keep her safe;  what he does not expect is that guarding her will change his life forever.  She is insanely attracted to Jace, but that is the last thing she needs to add to her life.  Life experiences will make the decision for Jace and Allie that will be irreversible. 

The author uses a sensitive subject matter to create a beautiful story of justice and love finding the right path.  The characters are written with depth and allow the reader to connect with them right from the beginning of the novel.  The subject matter could turn off some readers (Allie is abused by Wyatt), but it is written with a sensitivity to give enough information without graphic description.  The language is harsh, as it should be when reading a motorcycle club book.  Where the book falls short is in the predictability of the plot. No new ground is trod here, however, Jace and Allie's fall into love is intense. The story does add the twist of how Hell Ryders Motorcycle Club is not into illegal activity, but preventing illegal activity in the town of Wadden. The story gives honesty and sensitivity to the subject of domestic abuse. A great beginning to a new MC series!

Laura Dinsdale