Running Out of Rain (Prime of Love #1)


Dr. Cynthia Ellender has lived a very happy, love-filled life - that is, until her beloved husband of over 30 years dies suddenly of a heart attack and the cold, dirty truth comes to light.  Devastated, she moves back to her home town to try and start again. Soon after arrival, Cynthia happens to runs into her first crush, her first kiss, the man who filled her high-school heart. 


Fifty-three year old John Michael Ferguson is no stranger to heartache either.  His sister died young, his wife died at only 39 and now he must watch his mother succumb to Alzheimer’s.  But when he sees his childhood love standing in the hospital doorway, suddenly life doesn’t look so bleak.  Can two heart-broken, middle-aged people find love and happiness again?


What a delightful change of pace to find a love-story centered on mature adults!  It is such a rarity, especially considering how many mid-aged people read!  The story is a sweet and enjoyable look at starting over and learning to love again. The writing is smooth and the characters were very well developed.  There were only a couple of small conflicts and no climatic events to keep the reader truly involved, however.  This made the reading rather slow for the most part but still, it is heart-warming and enjoyable enough to make it a very nice, cozy getaway for a quiet afternoon!


Ruth Lynn Ritter