Running From Love (Playing Hard Romance Book 1)


When Clara goes home to attend her brother’s wedding, she faces her adversary, Cooper Tucker. Clara attempts to avoid Cooper even though it’s impossible since he’s the best man. Clara enjoys being home, especially since her ex-boyfriend is there, and she can pick up the physical relationship they had before. Clara also relishes antagonizing Cooper even though she desires him too. As Clara is reveling in being with family, another guy she broke up with won’t leave her alone and stalks her. Can Clara get rid of her stalker and control the feelings she has for Cooper without it interfering with her life?

This story uses several familiar tropes but will make readers smile anyway! There are scary moments and an interloper who isn’t frightening until many unexplainable things start happening. The story, however, is jumbled and many sub-plots remain unfinished making it a little difficult to follow. Clara will say one thing but does the total opposite of what she believes, so she comes off as being very indecisive. In her rumination, she is appalled at her own behavior, thinking she is not like that. This makes her character hard to connect with.  Cooper, the flirty teasing hero, seems mean-spirited and is never clear about his intentions. This makes him hard to trust as well. Overall, however, the book is still enjoyable and a pleasantly fun read!

Roslynn Ernst