Running Home


Jenny Fillmore and Adam Hamilton were childhood sweethearts before Adam broke Jennys heart when he left to play professional baseball. Now he has returned to the town where they both grew up, and seeks Jenny out as though nothing happened. Adam wants to rekindle the love they shared. Problem is, Jenny is now with someone else.


A sweet love story with a sprinkle of spice, Running Homeis about a love that travels a bumpy road forged in the fires of time.  The cadence of the story follows the way of life in Warm Springs laid back, warm, familial.  It's the opposite of what Adam was used to while playing professional baseball. Sadly, the tension between the characters appears to be dispersed. It feels like watching a bramble bush rolling through the dusty roads of a town wherever the wind will take it.  All the elements of a love story are there, but not the tighter conflict throughout the story that would have made the story more interesting. The tension only tightened towards the last few pages of the novel, but perhaps in keeping with the laid back atmosphere of Warm Springs, this was what the author intended. This said, the novel makes for good reading; something one can bring on vacation to read while on the beach or snuggled underneath a quilt in a cabin.


M.P. Ceja