Runaway Love Story (The Book Nirvana, #2)


When Laurel loses her job in a Portland, Oregon art gallery, her parents convince her to go to much-smaller Eugene to help her great aunt, Maxie, move into assisted living. Since Maxie had been the only one to support Laurel’s artistic endeavors, she agrees. After she’s finished helping Maxie, she plans to head to San Francisco and its art scene. Doug, recently through an ugly divorce, is tall, bald, sexy, and happy being a high school teacher and track coach. His life is in Eugene. When he meets Laurel, however, all bets are off. The instant, potent chemistry between them throws a wrench into Laurel’s plans for a big-city life and challenges his closed off heart. The only question is whether the attraction between them will be enough to open him up and to shut down her escape plan.

“Runaway Love Story” is a fun, light read, perfect for lazing on summer vacation! Laurel and Doug are characters with just enough depth to make readers care about them, and the plot is interesting enough to keep readers turning pages. Some of the most poignant scenes in the story, however, are between Laurel and Maxie, who is in the early stages of senility. Maxie’s character is a vivacious joy, so watching her decline is heartbreaking. Doug’s mother is also suffering from dementia, which gives him and Laurel an instant connection. As their relationship builds, the chemistry between them explodes into some sizzling sex scenes, made all the more charming by Doug’s self-deprecating shyness. There is also a fun and unexpected plot twist to add tension the story. Overall, a fun, sexy, character-driven story.

Marc Joseph