A Run For The Money

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When Nicole Fleming and Dante LaPalma meet in a lawyer’s office for the reading of "Papa Joe"s will, they have nothing in common but their love for the dearly departed and their names on that document.  Joe had other plans for them, however;  solving riddles on a treasure hunt will force them to get to know one another.   Six months in each other's company isn't exactly what Nicole and Dante had in mind, but the promise of a treasure has them following along with Papa Joe's wishes.  Dante and Nicole each have their own reasons for wanting to find Joe’s treasure, but perhaps while trying to figure it out they will find the greatest treasure of all.

Author Gina Ardito takes the reader on an entertaining treasure hunt – skydiving, scuba diving and kayaking, while introducing them to likeable characters with everyday problems anyone can relate to.   Difficult parents, sullen teenagers and the trials they create form part of the backdrop of this enjoyable spin on an “opposites attract” tale.

There isn’t any new ground broken with this enjoyable romance, and at times it is a bit predictable, but sometimes knowing the outcome of a journey allows one to better enjoy the trip.  Readers who appreciate a well-written, humorous and light contemporary romance will surely love this one!

Darin Godby