Ruined: A Breathless Novel


Lennon Mayfair is back in Breathless, Georgia digging in the dirt for proof of an ancient nomadic tribe to write up for her Master's thesis. Being in Breathless brings up a lot of memories, most of them painful. Gabe Zemp has spent the last eight years hating Lennon for what she did to his brother. No way is he letting her dig on his land. Matters change when Gabe is forced to face some ugly truths about his family history. His long-buried feelings for Lennon rise to the surface, but the ghosts from the past stand between them. It is going to take some sacrifice and forgiveness to find a common ground, and it isn't long before Gabe realizes he will do whatever it takes to have Lennon in his life forever.

"Ruined" strikes all the right chords that will keep readers turning the pages! Lennon is strong and independent, qualities achieved at a price. Gabe Zemp has been going through the motions of living. With the arrival of Lennon, he has the target for the pain he's bottled up. When he is able to see past that, it is his attraction for Lennon that captures him and won't let go. The romance builds slowly and wrings out every drop of emotion these characters have to give. While race plays a role in the past that they share, it is missing from the present. The lack of racial tension as a main theme is refreshing, but the almost colorblindness of the story detracts from the importance of having a main character of color. "Ruined" is a standout novel that romance readers will not want to miss!

Tricia Hill