Rugged Thirst


Geri Bourne is a widower left to keep her husband’s dream alive of running a cattle ranch. The ranch is located on the Central Coast of California, during a hard drought. This has Geri spinning. When the ranch next to hers sells to a big city developer she learns that the land surveyor has the property lines incorrect and she suddenly has no well to water her land. No water for her cattle, well now, selling seems like the only answer. The fancy dressed city man who has a vested interest in the property next to Geri is in over his head when sparks fly upon meeting the current property owner. It may take more than a water well to cool the sparks from this high dollar developer and a strong willed woman.

Ms. Fredricks certainly can paint vivid scenes with her eloquent writing style. Her descriptions of not only the scenery but the colors and movements of animals are also a gift of her works. The heroine and widow, Geri, who is left behind to keep things on track, is not a unique theme but this author has a poetic way of showing us the grit and hard work of daily life on a ranch. The tenacity of day to day ranch life and the rodeo details are realistically drawn, as is the location in California. This author is new to the cowboy arena of writing, but obviously has living proof of what she writes. This is the first of hopefully more Western theme romances from her. Absolutely delightful!

Viola Robins