The Rosewood Whistle


And she moved through the fair

And fondly I watched her -“She Moved Through the Fair”,  

Gemma’s marriage was far from happy, and now, three years after her husband’s death, she is ready to move forward and finally write her first book. Inspiration abounds in beautiful Ireland with its legends and history. But it’s when she learns the history of Achill Island that she knows she found her story. And it has nothing to do with her handsome and charming tour guide, honest. 

Ben, the said guide, isn’t looking for love. His ill-fated marriage turned him off from attempting it again. But the beautiful widow is a temptation that he has no intention of resisting. But it’s not just her looks that tempt him so, but the way she makes him feel. 

Can these two wounded souls find happiness again?

It will not be long, Love,

'Til our wedding day. -“She Moved Through the Fair”  

A beautiful love story! Full of fascinating, and often tragic, bits of history and Irish folk songs. In fact, the chapter titles (which fit the content perfectly) are titles of various songs. The first time Ben and Gemma meet is hilarious, but what really shines is the slow and steady way they build their relationship. The only glitch in the book is the inevitable (and overused) misunderstanding which uncovers the underlying problems with their relationship. Nonetheless, “The Rosewood Whistle” has a lot to recommend it to a reader – beautiful setting, an Irish musician of a hero culminates in a sigh-worthy romance!

Ana Smith