Rookie - Bradford Station #1


Dating the Fire Chief's daughter is against the rules! But after rookie firefighter Danny stops to help a beautiful woman change a flat, sparks start to fly. And after all, rules are made to be broken when he discovers she is the Chief's youngest daughter! Just returning home from college and starting a new job, Hayden isn't expecting the heated response she has to the good looking hunk of.... Oops sorry! the good Samaritan who happens to be serving under her father—and is therefore off limits! After secretly dating for a few months, they nervously reveal their relationship to the Chief and go public. When a blazing disaster threatens the town, Danny realizes Hayden truly has his heart. He just hopes she will be able to look past his family's humble beginnings to accept his love.

Sexy folks, scorching trysts, and sentimental heartstring-pullers are elements "Rookie" uses to tell a tale of hometown romance with hints of danger. Relatable main characters manage to provide plenty of hot chemistry, saucy banter, and heated scenes while struggling to overcome the usual insecurities. Secondary characters deliver the customary support while also being interesting on their own. The inner workings of small town living are brought to life with humor and realism. As the beginning to a series based in the small town of Bradford, TN, "Rookie" by Ms. Laramie Briscoe will surely inflame the reader's appetite to visit again and again for more tales about hunky alpha men and the strong beautiful women they love.

Tonya Mathenia