Roman's Gift


Roman D’Angelo enjoys his job as a bouncer at the Golden Eagle. Good food, great people, and a position he is just right for. Little did he know, it would also be the place where he meets a charming beauty beyond compare. Hoping to outrun the demons in her mind, Juliette left her hometown in Washington after her dad lost his battle with cancer. Her writing allows her to have some comfort in life, but the one thing she wants most is the one thing she never expected to desire: Roman. Roman’s past may not be the prettiest, but it taught him patience and instilled kindness deep in his heart; skills he puts to the test when tragedy strikes a mutual friend of theirs and throws Juliette into an emotional hurricane.

Get ready for a contemporary romance sweet enough to put any Valentine's chocolates to shame! Roman and Juliette build a respect for each other as the depth of their feelings grows naturally. The way Roman treats and takes care of Juliette in comparison to other characters in the book is nothing short of swoon-worthy. Meanwhile, Juliette is not afraid to go for what she wants, no matter what that is, an attitude that matches nicely with Roman. The romantic gestures are so realistic that readers can easily find themselves immersed in the sweet moments. There are some secondary characters that come across as stereotypical, which causes some disconnection. That said, the dog, Banjo, is the sweetest tie that wraps the story together. With a little more attention to secondary character development, this story will be one readers talk about for years to come!

Annalee Stilove