Roller Coaster Romance


Vanessa becomes manager of a huge theme park and it is her dream job. What she did not expect was to walk in and find the workers at war. The last thing she needs is an attraction to the employee causing problems. Thomas is trying to unionize the workers but he can't help but feel attracted towards his new boss. Both of them are thrust into a tense situation and find themselves getting closer while trying to maintain a professional relationship. What will become of them and will both be able to keep their eye on the ball where their jobs are concerned or will their feelings get in the way?

This was a pretty interesting book. The one thing that stands out and is enjoyable is the dialogue between the two main characters. There is some very good back and forth between them and it screams attraction. What took away was the slightly clichéd storyline but Kate Moseman makes up for it by writing a book that has some laugh out loud moments and some tension that will keep readers on edge. The strong characters and even paced plot line make this a great read for a rainy weekend. This is contemporary romance with a little bit of a difference and one that will be enjoyed by many and not just fans of the genre. Definitely try this little gem!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick