Rocky Road


COMEDY:  Ancy (Nancy Ann) Robinson has her life under control and everything falling into place just like she wants it.  She has a gorgeous muscle-bound boyfriend who has just proposed (okay, so he's accident prone of late). She is up for advancement to department head at work and her autistic brother is living in a shelter. 


Steve Stone is ready to settle down - unlike when he left Ancy two years ago. He has a new job where Ancy works and he intends to get a promotion and to win back the girl he left behind.  


Ms. Lohrer has studied the writing craft and displays it well in this romantic comedy.  The action, plot, and character story goals, including the less than loveable bad guys or in this case, villainesses, are well-crafted. The heroine and ex want the same job and won't be denied. Lohrer draws a beautiful love triangle with three dimensional characters and an interesting supporting cast. Well meaning favors go miserably wrong while the villain and villainesses' tactics are believably and satisfyingly thwarted all while keeping the reader wondering; 'will she?' or 'won't she?' A book worth reading a second time!


Shaunna Gonzales