Rock Me to the Top

Melody Sterling got the rejection call that she did not make the Los Angeles Orchestra as their newest Cello player. Now what? It’s all she’s wanted and has been working hard to earn her spot the past few months. Joe is her best friend and the drummer of an up and coming Rock band; Gracefall. Joe is ready to turn the friendship into more, but convincing Melody is another story. Her father is a retired rock and roller and her parents’ relationship didn’t survive. Asking her to be the band tour manager this summer will keep her close and possibly persuade her? Or will they lose the relationship they’ve cherished for so long? 
“Rock Me to the Top” is a steamy rock and roll story that grabs readers from the get-go! Ms. Zak has created attractive and lovely characters in Melody and Joe. The bandmates are amusing as well! Their past that leads to the present is believable and attractive. The family drama and their secrets create dynamics showing how childhood experiences dictate adult behaviors. There is angst and heartbreak rolled into this lovely book also. This is not an unfamiliar trope of friends to lovers; however, readers will be drawn to the rock band characters. Don’t get discouraged by too many characters to track, this is, hands-down, an amazing story that is well written. Contemporary romance readers will love the plot!
Viola Robbins