Rock the Line (Gracefall: Vicious Love Tour Series Book 2)


Jake Quin has been seen as a screw-up his whole life. Now, a bar co-owner/studio musician, he tries to follow his dreams onto the stage of rock and roll. When he finally gets a call from Gracefall, the heavy metal band, he can finally prove everyone in his life wrong and become a lead guitarist on the big stage. The only catch is his competition for the position. Elliot Phoenix is the queen of the heavy metal stage, and she’s ready to settle down into a permanent band, so she doesn’t have to keep her son a secret any longer. The two rockers have plenty of skeletons in their closets, but the question is whether these enemies will turn into lovers.

Who knew heavy metal would be so hot? Ms. Zak will rock reader’s worlds with this steamy, adrenaline-pumping romance about two competitors battling for a sick gig while also fighting off their insanely obvious chemistry with one another. The story is a light one,, but its unique plot-line is incredibly engaging. Readers may experience some eye-roll moments when the characters talk about falling in love only a quarter of the way into the book. However, sticking it out to the end feels worth it as the banter between the two lovers gets more and more heated. The last-minute conflicts, halting the characters from getting together, feel rushed and pointless. Even with a couple of undiscussed plot-line holes here and there, the story is still well-written. Get ready to feel tingles in your toes from this sensual romance.

Austen Grace