Rock It to the Moon (Love and Chaos – Book 3)


Tatum Salvetti is running from a bad situation and right into the arms, and bed, of rock bad boy, Dex Rogan. Dex is the drummer for the band Just Short of Chaos, and one of only two band members who hasn’t yet succumbed to love. Yet. Tatum and Dex’s first meeting could best be described as a collision. Or a mistake just waiting to be made. He’s immediately attracted, more so than ever before. She’s looking for a diversion, a change of pace from her buttoned up life as an astrophysicist. What they find is each other. In some very steamy ways.

M.J. Schiller’s “Rock It to the Moon” is well-crafted chaos. The book opens up with a hot and steamy scene worthy of any rock god and groupie, and the sexual tension doesn’t let up. Dex and Tatum are exact opposites, not just in their lifestyles but in their personalities as well. He’s a reckless bad boy, she’s ordinarily uptight and responsible. Throw in the complication of one of Dex’s bandmates and best friends being Tatum’s step-brother who still thinks of her as a child, despite her heavyweight degrees, and it’s inevitable that trouble lurks around every steamy corner. Dex’s instant attraction is somewhat unbelievable, no matter how sexy he finds Tatum. Tatum, on the other hand hates being thought of as a child, yet takes forever to muster up the courage to speak up for herself. For those who enjoy a steamy rock anthem book, “Rock It to the Moon,” as well as the first two books in this series, may be just the tune you want to hear.

N.E. Kelley