Reviews - Contemporary

Becoming Mrs. Walsh

Shoshana went from a mid-western middle class girl to a D.C.

The youngest of nine, Sheilagh McCullough allowed a devastating revelation ruin six years of her life. After an unwelcome intervention by her brothers and a friend, who blackmail her into going away to college, she embarks on a journey for fulfillment and purpose.

Chocolate Couture

Lilly Peradou, former Chocolatier and Food Network star is now a Pastry Chef, loving her new thriving business on Smith Street. The locals have accepted her and she finally feels at home with her family.

Checkmate First Mate

Melanie Cramer is a unique woman who has holistic and mystic beliefs. She is content with her life and her computer business job that takes her around the world.

Calling You Home

WESTERN:  Jason and Mary grew up together and were high school sweethearts. When she got accepted to college in Chicago, she left Indiana for what Jason thought was going to be a better opportunity and a better life for her. Once she left, he made a life with her best friend Abby.