Reviews - Contemporary

Dreams of Perfection

Darcy Butler is looking for her perfect man. Being a best-selling romance author, her standards are a bit high.

Chad Whitman is a player with the ladies and has responsibility of running the family diner. Things need to change, and his recent interest in microbrewed beer just may be the answer. He heads to a microbrewery in Seattle to check out the beer and their set up.

Layers (Stark #1)

Hayley and Natasha are roommates and best friends living in San Francisco. It’s a wild night out with their third bestie, Ian, who models and prefers men.

On an early morning in New Orleans, Elektra Chapentier is about to unlock the door to her antique shop when a force pulls her attention.  She looks up into the eyes of her past love - eyes she hasn't seen in over a year. The look in those eyes tells her he has missed her as much as she has missed him.

Satin Pleasures

Traffic is backed up and as he sits on the bridge trying to get into San Francisco, the only option for Daniel McDonald is to wait it out and enjoy the view of the bay and the gorgeous brunette in the vehicle next to him.