Reviews - Contemporary

Maya works for the Treasury Department as a forensic analyst, charged with finding out where the bad guys hide their money across the globe. Zack, her best friend from their MIT days, is as wanted by the US government as Edward Snowden, and for supposedly similar reasons.

Long, Hot Texas Summer

Loretta Sullivan and Jackson Bailey were perfect for each other, or so they had believed.  One disastrous moment of weakness ripped their marriage and young family apart.  It’s been seventeen years since Loretta packed up their little girl and belongings, leaving a trail of dust out of Lonesome Can

On the Fly

Jacey Vaughn is young, confident and has barely hung her new MBA in a frame when her father passes away and she inherits his father’s NHL team after he passes.

Hers by Request
Karen Ann

Devlyn MacMurphy fought for his country, sacrificing his future in battle. The emotional scars he bears are larger than the visible ones. He lives life moment to moment, intent on completing one last mission. He has a promise to keep. 

Romance author Dakota Laurens lives her love life through her writing and she doubts the validity of true love. Doctor Walt Eddy doesn’t have time for relationships; his life is dedicated to helping others.