The Road to Comfort


Juliette St. James has the summer off from teaching.  After sending her son and new daughter- in-law off on their honeymoon she decides on a spontaneous road trip. What she did not count on was her car breaking down in a cornfield, smack dab in the middle of Tornado Alley, Nebraska. With a storm coming on fast, she takes shelter in her car to wait out the rain, and sees a man on horse is coming her way. Not what she expected, but she is pleasantly surprised with the handsome cowboy that comes to save the day.

Cyclone (Cy) Kelley is immediately taken with the beautiful blonde with the broken car and wants to protect her, not just now but always. Can they survive many storms or will Juliette return to her boring life in Ohio?

“The Road to Comfort” is a great version of the timeless story of a woman conflicted - always doing the responsible thing and not really living for herself. The main characters are easy to saddle up to and feel their pain and misery, but the tug of war to experience love is something they both fight through. Some of the redundancy of denial becomes a little bit much but overall the arc is well-paced and readers will not set this one down until the final tornado blows through town. This is a hot and steamy love affair that takes them off guard and although a quick romance, not too unrealistic.

Julie Caicco