River’s Journey (Winds of Destiny, Book 1)

Ryan Jo

Calder Finn and River Gallagher grew up in the same neighborhood, Sweetwater Harbor in North Carolina. At the age of eighteen, Calder left his parents to follow his dreams. Immersed in his busy life as an established real estate developer, he does not have any time to visit his parents back in Sweetwater Harbor. Fourteen years after his departure, a call from River’s father, Cordell Gallagher, moves him to visit his aging father, Frank Finn, who is terminally ill. He is in for a sweet-sour surprise, especially from his childhood friend, River. Throw in a mindless socialite, as his fiancée, and you have yourself a delightful drama-filled tale to enjoy.

The author did an amazing job in creating characters that easily resonate with reality. River’s personality is like a strong magnet that keeps pulling the reader through the pages of the book. The themes of immigrants, family history, and the importance of upholding one’s culture came out strongly in this book. While it is both entertaining and educative, the reader may feel as if the plot needed more threads, especially in covering the lives of some of the characters, such as Penelope, to give it a satisfactory feel. The crime investigation part did not come out clearly. One may also wish for a more fleshed-out ending, rather than what feels like several scenes were chopped off towards the end of the book. It is an enticing light read for contemporary romance enthusiasts.

JM Lareen