Right Click (Click #3)


When life’s rollercoaster takes another dive, six friends rely on each other to navigate the turns in this final installment of the “Click” series. Written as a collection of emails, Renee, Shelly, Mark, Ashley, and their assorted significant others swap stories, advice, innuendos, jokes, frustrations, and tears in this slice-of-life story. While not everyone starts the tale happily, by the end the reader will find friends can help everyone get things right.


A contemporary collection of relationship ups and downs, “Right Click” is the third book in this series and set about six months after the second book. With “Sex in the City” and “Friends” vibes, the interactions between the friends can be hilarious or agonizing as they try to help one another. However, since the story is told via email, a great deal happens off screen - resulting in much telling and little showing, which can make events abrupt or misleading for the reader. Further, readers might find themselves naturally overlooking the email headers and becoming confused as to who is talking. Additionally, the main character Renee is a "love her or hate her" type of character. She is funny and caring but can come off as a whiner and self-absorbed at times. Still, all of the characters act like real people: full of fun, but flawed so the reader will easily identify with at least one of the group. Overall, an interesting twist on chick lit.


Sarah E. Bradley