Riding Hard


When it comes to rotten luck with women, Dodge sits at the top of that list. A beloved brother in his biker family – Dave ‘Dodge’ Roth has baggage: debts raked up by his ex and the stresses of being the single parent to a traumatized three-year-old Cullen. When a beautiful, smart, hot woman moves into the house across the road, Dodge finds it hard to ignore his attraction. Alex Millen has had enough of men. Having bought the run-down house in the small town of Wadden, she is determined to remodel and find her happy place — until a small boy and his rough-as-gravel father find their way in to her life, and possibly her heart.

The author easily brings to life the chemistry between the two main characters, building tension where necessary and intriguing the reader. The addition of the small boy and his natural attraction to Alexa is believable and endearing, bringing a softer side to an otherwise rough world. While the premise is catchy and grasps the reader, it is obvious that the book needs a strong structural edit. Incomplete dialogue and staggered scenes not only pull the reader out of the story but leave a reader feeling lost.

The tension and attraction portrayed in the story is beautifully written and makes for a delicious and sexy read!

Cecilia Robins