Ride with my Heart (Southland #3)


SOUTHERN GOTHIC:  Maddie Baker has come home to regroup after divorcing her cheating husband. Her one-time roping partner, Heath, is still in Southland - now a state trooper, he has adopted his late brother's daughter, and all he wants is stability.  Maddie finds that she is still attracted to Heath after all these years, but doesn’t know if he feels the same.  Her heart is torn because she still has feelings towards her doctor ex-husband, too. Soon Maddie’s two children and Heath’s daughter are conspiring to get their parents together so they can be one big happy family. Should they follow their hearts, or toe the stable line?  


This beautiful love story is set against the backdrop of a family ranch called Southland, where there are trees as well as open spaces. All of the characters are realistic and have baggage from their past. The children play an active part in the story and are not assigned to the back seat, as children so often are in novels. The emotions of both Heath and Maddie are explored in depth so the reader fully understands from where they are each coming. This is an extraordinary story that fully evokes the emotions of the reader and a must have for any library!


Belinda Wilson