Reviews - Contemporary

Lavender Moon

Summer camp is where Kaleb and Luna meet as young children, and return for many summers thereafter. Camp is Kaleb’s escape from his broken home, and Luna becomes his only friend. Luna’s mother a recovering addict, and Kaleb, who is being raised by his hard working grandfather, play big parts in who they become.

Autumn Deception
N. Jade

Sierra Scott’s job is consuming her life, and her grandmother has had enough. All of a sudden, Sierra finds herself on an unplanned—but much needed—vacation.

Khara Therin, Queen of Lytua, has the chance for a romantic fling when an extremely handsome architect mistakenly assumes she's the Queen's assistant.

Catch Me If I Fall

Darcy Fletcher is twenty-one and at a stalemate in her life. She leaves college and returns home to Sugar Creek, hoping to find out her life’s purpose. Bouncing from job to job, she lands the unlikely position as nanny for the new high school coach’s five-year-old daughter, Sara. Evan Porter loves the small-town feel of Sugar Creek, and knows it’s the perfect place to raise his daughter.

Drew Barnes returns to his family-owned lake lodge in Minnesota. He agreed to help with the bookkeeping while his aunt and uncle are off to have twins! His track record recently tarnished his reputation, but his family trusts him, and hopes this will move him past an unsavory scenario. Now working at the lodge, Drew discovers multiple discrepancies in some of the orders and invoices.