Return of the Runaway Bride: Last Chance Beach Romance


If someone hurts you deeply, do you owe them a second chance? Five years ago, Emily Bennet made the impulsive choice to run away from her hometown of Last Chance Beach the night before her wedding. She left behind her heartbroken fiancé, Chase Michaels, without an explanation or a goodbye. Now she has returned from the big city to reconnect with friends and family. She hasn’t told anyone yet, but she is now a successful romance author writing under a nom de plume, E. M. Stephens, and one of her bestsellers is being filmed on location in Last Chance Beach.

Despite the title character being the Runaway Bride, this book is about a man who was ill-treated but never gave up on his misguided first love. With his good looks, active physique, and honorable service with the Coast Guard, Chase has no lack for female attention. Now that he owns two tourism adventure businesses with his best friend, Jared Wilson, Chase is probably the most eligible bachelor in their small town. He is also the epitome of devotion. After a thin apology, the two lovers find themselves in each other’s arms once again. With the main issue of whether Emily will get her second chance pretty much settled halfway into the book, a stalker for Emily’s author alter ego is suddenly introduced to add a little lukewarm suspense. There is little to no surprise within these pages, as “Return of the Runaway Bride” superficially dabbles in jealousy, sexual identity, and life priorities to draw out the happy ending. Those who like their contemporary romance light, and easy should line up HERE!

Joan Lai