Return to Ruby’s Ranch, Ruby’s Ranch Book 1


WESTERN:  Life is surreal for Ruby Lattrell when she inherits her namesake’s ranch. After her father moved the family after her mother’s disappearance years before, she never thought she would ever step foot back on the farm she loved dearly.  But neither the farm, nor its inhabitants ever forgot her.  Her childhood best friend Claudie McCallister and her younger brother Billy are right there to welcome her back, and Billy’s long-held crush turns serious almost immediately.  

In addition to her quest to bring the ranch to its former glory, Ruby feels she must solve the mystery of her grandmother's slide to insanity, and unravel the true mystery behind her mother’s unsolved disappearance.  But can her grandmother’s death bring healing to the Lattrell family or will past sins lead to further heartache to unsuspecting children?

"Return to Ruby's Ranch" is chock full of mystery and intrigue, and sprinkled with romance. While elements of the supernatural add an extra dimension to this tale and readers may hope that future installments enter that realm to discover the truth of Ruby’s secretive house, they may feel it curiously placed as a stand-alone component.  To that end, some light editing is needed but does not detract from the story. Some readers may feel Ruby’s true character is slightly out of focus and feel confused over some of her choices between the family leaving the farm and her return. For those who have had torn, blended families that will never heal, this story is the happily-ever-after so many eagerly seek.  

Jordyn Teel