Return to Rainbow Rock (Rainbow Rock #7)


Marcie Carmody is headed home and doesn’t know what to be more ashamed of: the farce of a relationship she fell for or the fact that she has to move back in with her parents. The last thing she wants is to feel everyone’s judgment and pity. That’s not what greets her in Rainbow Rock, though, and she should have known better. Instead she’s welcomed warmly and offered a job at a new legal office in town with a hunky newcomer.  

Ryan Fields has got to move on, even if it’s to Rainbow Rock. He’s still reeling from the shock of his wife walking out with their two boys when he’s presented with a red-headed pixie of a legal assistant who makes his heart race right off the bat. He’s so not ready for this!

“Return to Rainbow Rock” is #7 in a series of books but you’d never know it. It stands very well on its own. This sweet romance doesn’t tease and disappoint. Instead, it weaves a warm and fuzzy romance that carries throughout. Aylworth creates a wonderful small-town feel without being clichéd and welcomes us into the lives of her close family of characters. A light and easy novel with heart-warming life lessons, readers won’t regret inviting the characters of “Return to Rainbow Rock” into their lives. Welcome home! 

Sofia St. Angeles