Restoration (Golden Beach #1)


Grace McConnell moves to London for a restoration project, needing a fresh start after the tragic death of her fiancé, John. When a glance across the baggage area of the airport has her thinking she sees her dead fiancé, she chalks it up to her imagination. However, when she finds that John’s doppelganger, Drew Tensley, is living in the town she’s restoring, she struggles with her attraction. With Drew’s personality being the complete opposite to John’s, Grace has trouble trusting her judgment of her feelings for Drew, causing their relationship to run anything but smooth, especially when secrets threaten to ruin their happiness. 


This contemporary romance is a story of loss, learning to trust and live anew, and finding love in the process. "Restoration" is an emotion-rich tale that takes the reader into the minds and hearts of the protagonists, who are each dealing with their own issues. It starts off a little slow but picks up steam once the characters interact with one another. The characters are engaging and well developed with a plot that moves smoothly and unfettered by distractions. Some minor editing issues are present but do not detract from the beauty of this skillfully written story. With vivid descriptions, emotional intensity, and characters that jump off the pages, this captivating love story touches the heart all the way to the soul.


Janna Shay