The Restless Cowboy: Granite Junction Book 2


WESTERN: After Cam Miller sells the family ranch in Granite Junction, Montana, and buys a leatherworking business in Wyoming, he is excited to be moving away from the hatred of the people of this small town and beginning anew. On his way to his farewell party, Molly asks to meet up with him. She drops a bomb on Cam; she is pregnant with his baby. She assures him she is capable of taking care of the baby by herself, as she is already raising her eight-year-old daughter by herself. Cam is now in a quandary. He wants to be a part of his baby’s life, but he will be eight hours away. Molly continues to push him away; reassuring him she will be fine without him, but Cam is adamant about being supportive of Molly and their baby. How will Cam convince Molly to let him in?

“The Restless Cowboy” is a delightful story which enchants the reader as they try to guess how Cam will solve his quandary. Ms. Ryder describes life in a small town as she introduces the minor characters in the novel. She creates a tangible tension between Cam and Molly nearly every time they are together, which adds realism to the tone. Molly tends to overreact and thus is not very relatable. Some scenes dragged, caused by Molly pushing too hard on Cam to leave. Secondary characters are entertaining. One frustration: Ms. Ryder promises a bonus epilogue, but the only way to get it is through subscribing to her newsletter. A rollercoaster of emotions will be felt while reading this pleasing story, and it is well worth the ride.

Belinda Wilson