Resist Me (Forget the Past, Book 3)


Luna Lamont, jaded and fiercely independent self-defense coach, needs no man… until a surprising and large inheritance makes an appearance with the caveat that she be married in order to receive it. With no hint of a marriage prospect on the horizon and the clock swiftly ticking away, Luna is ready to forego the inheritance, even if it means her awful excuse for a father will get it – until she realizes the amount she’s set to inherit will buy her twin brother’s freedom from the crime family they were born into. What’s a girl to do? Enter Charlie, best friend to Luna’s younger brother’s fiancée. Charlie fell into lust-at-first-sight with Luna, so when she proposes a marriage of convenience, what’s a nice guy like him supposed to do?

Once again, Ms. Connolly has written a tale full of heart, fun, and adorable animals! Readers of the series will be thrilled to learn more about Luna, the older sister who has appeared in the two previous books. Heart strings will be tugged when one learns of the awful things Luna went through as a child, and one will cheer for her fierceness in protecting those she loves. Charlie is an utter sweetheart, and his mishaps bring laughs and smiles throughout. Their relationship progresses believably, and their chemistry simply sizzles. Seeing Dash and Paige from book one is delightful. This book stands alone well, but readers may enjoy it even more if they read the previous books first. Pig, the adorable rescue pit bull will bring smiles to reader’s faces, and the ending will leave one wanting even more! Utterly delightful from start to finish!

Piper Valentine