Rescuing Lacey

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Lacey Sommers is a tough, take-no-guff kind of gal. As a photojournalist who has worked in Iraq and Afghanistan, she has seen many horrors, and lived through a few of her own. After a near death experience leaves her unable to finish an assignment, she is given the job as a wildlife photographer.  Her photography skill is unquestionable, it’s her ability to handle certain situations that is under the microscope. Her film frogs in the forests of Costa Rica. Upon arriving she meets Luke Hancock, who has been hired by her magazine to be her outdoor guide and pilot. He is an environmentalist and expert on sustainability and economics. Thinking him just another hunky, sexy, beach bum kind of guy, Lacey soon finds out otherwise.  The chemistry between the two however, is off the charts.  However, after finding a family connection between them, will their feelings continue to grow, or will it cause them to part ways forever?

Rebecca Heflin not only writes wonderful characters, her descriptions of Costa Rica are rich and vibrant, making one feel as they were there too.  Not only that, the sexual tension between Luke and Lacey is exquisite.  It grabs one by the throat and keeps the reader turning those pages! The story is a bit predictable, losing it half a star, but don’t let that be a deterrent. This story is sweet at times, romantic and sexy at others and assuredly, well worth the read!!!

Tonya Smalley